Tom Kirkham Wellness

My counseling sessions guide you in living your most holistic life while calling upon your innate vital energies to emerge from within, putting your most authentic & empowered self in charge of the process. 

Both your inner wisdom & holistic health principles are the guiding forces of this process as we will work to free you from elements that don't support your holistic health & facilitate the emergence of wellness, holistic & soulful dimensions within yourself.
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I'm an experienced somatic therapist, yoga teacher & holistic counselor. I'm a master of art in humanistic & transpersonal psychology.
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I enjoy helping people find the resources to get themselves unstuck in life - to gain mental clarity, reduce pain & increase energy. 
Counseling sessions focus on holistic health, energies, emotions, thoughts and archetypal patterns of the personality, relationships, & supporting your overall health & wellness. 
The context is your deepening understanding & integration of your unfolding according to your innate inner guidance, wisdom, and source of inspiration & supporting your innate health, your own inner capacity to heal your body, mind, & emotions.    
A discovery session is a brief appointment that helps us decide if we would like to work together.