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As you look around our site, you'll keep seeing the phrase 'innate healing.'

Here's our definition -

Within you are the keys that
unlock your ability to create wellness.   

We started One Love Heals because we believe in the power of self-healing.

Psychological, spiritual, and lifestyle transformations catalyze this innate healing ability. 

We invite you to be supported in a space of non-judgement and align with the wholeness of life - your essential nature of love, forgiveness, and compassion.                 

We invite you to discover a healing process - spiritually, psychologically, and physiologically. This process may challenge you to look within and become conscious of subconscious processes. 

Wellness and healing can mean different things for different people throughout the various stages and transitions of our lives.   

*Note - due to the confidential nature of this work, we have chosen not to include testimonials on our website, but we welcome the feedback we have received in various publications and media over the years.

-How we are different-

-Our Experience-

We started two businesses in Baltimore (Mandala Healing Arts Studio) and Austin (One Love Massage). This gave us over 20 years of experience in spiritual counseling, somatic therapies, energetic body work, breathwork, wilderness therapies, and more.

In our younger years we both worked in medical and institutional settings. We designed a program for 8-10 year-olds diagnosed with ADHD, cared for senior citizens, worked with youth at risk, people diagnosed in mental health settings, adults releasing addiction and persons with different abilities.

-Devon's Journey- 

Devon is an ordained minister with over twenty years experience as a healing arts practitioner and has a BA in Therapeutic use of the Wilderness, minor in dance and permaculture certification.

Devon's approach to healing includes holistic health, shamanic strategies, breathwork, therapeutic massage, hot stones manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, acupressure, Reiki Master, Seichim, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, ZaZen Buddhist Meditation and a new healing art called Emergence Care.

Devon's desire is to assist people in connecting with themselves and experiencing peace. Devon believes in taking care of one’s self through preventative healthcare, active education, and inner guidance wisdom.

-Tom's Journey -

Tom is dedicated to supporting each individual in their journey of learning to heal themselves through greater introspection and integration of spirituality, psychology, and physiology.

Since completing his MA in Psychology, Spirituality, and Integrative Health, Tom has continued to expand his education, serve his community and deepen his personal work.

Tom practiced for over 10 years as a massage therapist and breathwork facilitator. He is a yoga meditation teacher, and completed the Shaman's Heart training program with Byron Metcalf.

Tom's has participated in a month long healing intensive with Shipibo in Peru and many hours with eastern and western health practitioners while learning to heal through his and two children’s chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.

Tom's most recent studies has been training with Dr. Steven Teagarden in a new modality called Emergence Care. While being a student, husband, and father Tom also grew as a healing arts practitioner.

Tom facilitated workshops in dreamwork, shamanic journeying, breathwork, mandala drawing, yoga classes, men’s groups and a soul based living retreat in Hawaii.

Toms workshops and individual sessions with his clients have taught him the growing need for people’s desire to orient toward wholeness, inspiring Tom to study holotropic states of consciousness and Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof, and Somato Respiratory Integration with Dr. Donald Epstein.

Tom is currently practicing as a
Clinical Psychology intern in Hawaii and is available in-person and for online audio and video sessions. 

-Our Vision- 

We envision applying our experience and skills in offering services that feed individuals seeking life transformations, freedom from addiction, freedom from fears, depression, worry, shame, and anxiety, and facilitating a soulful path to spiritual, psychological, and physiological wellness.

We set out to provide care through the stages and transitions of life - a wellness center for youth, rights of passage into adulthood and maturity, healthy ageing and dying.

We are creating a permaculture sanctuary for retreats, community, education, to provide healthy foods, and therapeutic services for those who feel the calling to find their way in the world with ease, grace, joy and wellness - rites of passage towards soul-based living.

"Feed People, Serve People, and Remember God" - Ram Dass
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