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The innate healing system is a complex network of processes and responses that work together to restore human beings to equilibrium. 

While innate healing is a fundamental aspect within us, it can be influenced by external factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress levels, environmental conditions, and spiritual, body-oriented, and psychotherapeutic methods. 

Supporting innate healing through a healthy lifestyle, body-oriented therapies, and psychotherapies can enhance our
ability to recover and maintain optimal function. 

Body-oriented therapies and psychotherapy work with the body's inner healing mechanisms to promote recovery from overall health challenges.

This sophisticated network of processes and responses is a fundamental aspect
 of who we are—woven into the fabric of our being.

The power of innate healing is not isolated; it interacts with the world around us. External factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress levels, and environmental conditions can either support or hinder our inner healer. 

We recognize the importance of nurturing innate healing holistically. A healthy lifestyle, combined with
body-oriented therapies and psychotherapy, can amplify our body's ability to recover and maintain optimal function. 

We are both trained in multiple energetic modalities, including Emergence Care, a body-oriented therapy which encourages your latent vital energies to emerge, promoting healing from the inside out.

Devon offers

Body-oriented therapies, energetic bodywork, transformational soul-based living, nutritional strategies, therapeutic rights of passage, and nature-based healing strategies 

Tom offers 

Counseling which includes strategies like breathwork, somatic therapies, yoga, meditation, shamanic strategies, psychotherapy, lifestyle and nutritional transformation

These methods aim to collaborate with the body's innate healing mechanisms, fostering a comprehensive strategy supporting overall health and wellness.

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