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Online Course

Breathwork & Mandala Drawing 

facilitated by Tom Kirkham MA
Would you like to learn:
A simple breathwork technique that you can practice anywhere to reduce stress, increase relaxation, focus, & presence?
A breathwork technique for personal & spiritual self-exploration?
A simple way to use mandala drawing for self-expression & healing?  
You are invited to an online course in breathwork and mandala drawing. While results may vary, frequently reported results of these techniques will include a greater sense of focus, purpose, and attentive awareness, an increased ability for deeply letting go and developing trust in your own innate ability to heal, and an increased sense of calm and creativity in navigating challenging situations.  
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This course will consist of two one-hour video classes that you may attend as well as access recordings and an online group where you may share your experiences and get support from your facilitator and peers as needed.
All you need is a piece of paper, colored pencils, markers, or pastels, a circular object to trace around, comfortable clothing, and a place where you can sit and/or lie down comfortably and will not be disturbed. 
Live classes offered consecutive Wednesdays beginning May 13th and can be scheduled to your time zone. Recorded classes and online group will be ongoing and can be joined anytime.  
Early Bird Rate $35 Regular $60  
Early Bird Rate Ends May 11
About the facilitator
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Tom is an experienced counselor, yoga teacher, and holistic bodyworker. Tom has an MA in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and the therapeutic use of mandala artwork.

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