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Hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Devon is amazing. She’s nice, knowledgeable and skilled and she didn’t make me feel like I was just another client in a time slot. The room was comfy and warm. After our session i felt like a new woman. When she told me to take my time getting up I had a fleeting thought. “Maybe I’ll just lay here forever.” It was how I imagine heaven to be. Will definitely be back.
-Kara F., Los Angeles, California

“Devon’s hands feel like a touch of an angel on my back.”
-Maria Luisa, co-o
wner Mr, Natural

One Love is a very nice center in NW Austin with a neighborhood feel and a good healing vibe. Stopped by to say hello after a lonnng day of delivering magazines for one of my out-of-town delivery angels, and felt rested and invigorated even after just visiting for awhile. 

- Michael Abedin, Austin All Natural.

I was experiencing some mental stress and carrying a lot of tension. Tom’s knowledge helped greatly – I felt significantly relaxed, much more restored, and back to balance after my experience. The experience was somewhat meditational as well. He used subtle energy, breathing, and massage techniques that helped bring me to a more energetic balance. I felt mental decompression, relaxation, & rejuvenation.

Tom’s service is multi-faceted. He is intuitive and his presence is calming. His work goes beyond physical healing and reaches into energetic healing. His attentiveness and knowledge of multiple styles of massage are a tremendous boon to anyone seeking a unique experience. I highly recommend!
-Taylor T.,
Austin, TX

Devon is a heartfelt and talented massage therapist. Her skills, strength and techniques are always right on target for helping me get the relief and relaxation I need. I am very athletic and active so her ability to adjust to my body’s stress and needs are so helpful. I would recommend her to anyone truly seeking to get rid of the aches and pains and improve their health, performance and life.
-Dr. Jedidiah Smith

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