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While there are no guarantees of what will happen for each individual, commonly reported benefits of the strategies employed in soul emergence coaching include helping you to gain freedom from deeply held habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action that no longer serve you, living more in your heart with an enhanced capacity for intimacy, openness in relationships, increased creativity, mental clarity, focus & attention, freedom from fear, worry and anxiety, improved immune system and a reduction of stress-related and psychosomatic illnesses, freedom from an excessive need for external approval, a sense of basic trust in one’s self-healing capacities, an expanded experience of one’s true self and true nature, spiritual development & maturity.


Tom has a master of arts degree in transpersonal psychology & lives on The Big Island of Hawaii. He offers sessions both in-person & by phone.

                                                                                 Introductory consult $140

                                                                                 1 hour session $100 

                                                                                 75 min session $120

                                                                                 90 min session $150

Tom Kirkham is an ordained minister & has a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology. Tom developed Soul Emergence Coaching in order to help people to move toward greater & greater degrees of wholeness in all the different stages of their lives.


Soul Emergence serves as Tom's spiritual practice and as an integration of Tom’s transpersonal coaching and consulting practice with 20 years experience in psycho-somatic & innate healing modalities including breathwork, yoga & meditation, shamanic strategies & a new healing art called Emergence Care.


What is the focus of Soul Emergence Coaching ?


Your work with Tom focuses on personal, transpersonal, & interpersonal areas of life. Though you may choose one or more areas of your life as your intended focus, all of these aspects of coaching are designed to work seamlessly together.


The common theme is an invitation reveal your essential self through an expanded state of consciousness called “presence.”


The methods and exercises used in this coaching model are specifically designed to activate, mobilize and support the innate wisdom and inner-guidance within each individual. Clients learn how to skillfully create, employ and integrate new ideas and strategies into their professional and personal lives in a manner that supports achieving specific goals and objectives that are aligned with their highest ethics and values.


Soul Emergence Coaching does not involve the treatment of any specific psychological or behavioral condition and there is no attempt to diagnose, treat, cure, fix, or otherwise therapize the client as currently understood in psychotherapeutic or professional counseling models. Instead, the intrinsic inner-wisdom and the individual soul of the client are supported to develop its own guidance.


In the process, exercises and methods are offered to open possibilities that until now have been unconscious or misunderstood. Although benefits such as emotional healing or an enhancement of life circumstances do occur, and sometimes in dramatic fashion, these are considered a natural by-product of the soul’s own wisdom in its unfolding toward spiritual maturity and not the direct effect of a specific method or exercise that the practitioner may employ.

Tom will work with you to help you use life challenges as an opportunity to explore yourself more deeply, and to discover the truth in the present moment while taking a holistic view of human experience.


Tom is available for both personal and couples’ work while including those deeper and higher aspects of human experience that are, in other words, ‘transpersonal’ or beyond personal. Soul Emergence Coaching is supportive of your spirituality and those areas of the human experience in which you search for higher meanings in life, and which move beyond the limited boundaries of the ego to access an enhanced capacity for wisdom, creativity, unconditional love and compassion.


The services that Tom Kirkham, MA provides, including Soul Emergence Coaching are not intended as a substitute for psychological or medical care. The FDA, AMA, or APA have not validated the potential benefits described above and Tom Kirkham, MA and OneLoveHeals.Com make no curative claims. Although the benefits derived from Soul Emergence Coaching services reflect typical client/student reports, such results cannot be guaranteed.

 Tom Kirkham, MA. practices as a transpersonal/spiritual educator and consultant and does not practice under any license such as medical doctor, psychologist or professional counselor. Transpersonal/spiritual education and consulting, and spiritual and transpersonal healing practices are not regulated by any licensing board. Services provided by Tom Kirkham, MA or Soul Emergence Coaching are not intended as the practice of clinical psychology, psychotherapy or behavioral health counseling.

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