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Massage Therapy in Austin Texas


 Since moving to Austin Natanhna Morales has added so many new modalities to her toolbox. Her favorite modality that she believes gets overlooked for full-body benefits is Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She loves to use Cupping Therapy to enhance the Lymphatic Drainage she provides. She uses Cupping Therapy and MLD to also help post-surgery clients with swelling, scarring, and pain. Natanhna uses mixed modalities during her massage sessions. She has learned over the years that it can be very helpful to allow better body alignment, body response, relaxation, and longer-lasting results during and after a session. Natanhna enjoys educating during her sessions. Natanhna believes self-care after the session is always vital for longer success rates and taking your power back from pain. Natanhna has helped provided healing touch therapy to clients at spas, clinics, chiropractic offices,  sports events, business offices, Charity events, and music festivals. Natanhna thrives in 90Min. or 120Min. sessions. 


More about Natanhna...

Natanhna injured her lower back in 2008. Through that extreme back injury, Natanhna kept proving healing Massage for others. Natanhna worked hard to provide herself with healing. Throughout this process, Natanhna learned so many ways to provide real healing for her clients. Anywhere from muscle activations to essential oils. Natanhna can relate to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects due to chronic pain. Since 2011 most of her pain has been healed. Just as long as Natanhna practices what she preaches to her clients, she is right as rain. 7

In Natanhnas spare time she enjoys self-care time, friends, family, eating yummy foods, walking in nature, mentoring, exercising, learning astrology, records videos, spending time with her cat, and dancing. Natanhnas interests are Metaphysics, self-help, nature, creativity, health, and her cat Princess Diana.

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