Innate Healing

All of our practices involve innate healing. The term describes your own inner ability to heal on various levels that might be described as mind-body-emotions-soul-spirit.
One of the focuses of innate healing is any practice that engages the energetic centers of the body in activating potentials that may be held latent within ourselves. Devon Casey is a highly skilled and experience innate healing practitioner.

Devon Casey

Innate Healing Practitioner

Devon has astutely studied and practiced holistic health and specifically energetic healing work for over twenty years. Devon works with the energies that surround the body to support the unfolding of your innate inner wisdom and guidance.
Devon believes in cultivating self-healing in a space of non-judgment and moving that energy of self-love into universal love, cultivating a singular healing awareness called presence. 
Devon is available for online innate healing sessions via video and/or audio.
Group Sessions $35 per person
Individual Session $100 per session.
*No one will be turned away due to lack of finances