What is OneLoveHeals.Com?

The OneLoveHeals journey always involves inviting our practitioners and members into a way of finding an inner guidance, a wisdom within yourself that is Sourced from a “capital L” Love – that is to say, that part of us that is our truest most Soul Based Self, that Higher part of our Self that is ultimately one with our Source of Spiritual Inspiration. This is the place from wherein springs our inner healer – that primordial imprint within our consciousness orients us always toward greater and greater degrees of wholeness, as a plant always orients itself toward the sun.

What is Healing?

This question naturally follows, since we are asking what OneLoveHeals is. You might have guessed that healing isn’t the ability to not be sick, or the ability for your skin to mend, although it’s understandable that some may see it that way. It’s something much broader than that. And the seemingly simple answer is – healing is the ability to orient toward wholeness, in all stages of life – in sickness, in health, in times of prosperity and financial difficulty, and even in the process of dying.

But what is this wholeness that we orient toward? Therein lies the key to living in a way that is inspired and informed by your most authentic self. Wholeness includes, but is not limited to your personal life. In moving toward wholeness we might often be inspired motivated, or otherwise moved by something that we acknowledge as greater than ourselves. However we also acknowledge that the light that Love shines on us also casts a shadow (the bigger the light, the bigger the shadow perhaps). This is the process of those parts of our personal and collective unconsciousness that we have not yet faced – becoming conscious in the presence of Love. Carl Jung once said: “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will bind you and control your fate.” It is a gentle yet profound process, and it begs a question.

How does one live a human life, while moving towards wholeness?

Believe it or not, some people think that life should be easy once they’ve experienced a spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Now that life is inspired by a higher source, everything, all of God’s blessings will manifest and fall into place right? Perhaps not surprisingly, however, it is not always or often that easy. What is required of us when we must face our own unconscious material, and a world that seems juxtaposed to spiritual & expansive states of consciousness we may have been aware of?


Presence is the way we live with, or more specifically “be-with” – whatever is, and this is how we become our most authentic Self. The most authentic Self is described as the Soul, and the part of us that is one with Source. This is authentic Self, as described in psychology and spirituality the essential quality of “presence with compassion,” that is the ground for our sense of being. Within our consciousness, the Self is in fact the ground from which all being grows. And when our personalities become merged with this presence, we move toward wholeness, as a plant moves toward the sun – sometimes even overcoming obstacles in its path.