Our Therapists

Devon and Tom, the therapists at One Love Healing Center, may believe in the singularity of love, but they also know the paths to healing can be as diverse as the clients who take them. Even the definitions of healing can be different: some may seek relief from chronic pain, others increased energy, recovery from injury, or mending for a broken heart. To these—and many other—ends, the team welcomes clients into a warm embrace for consultations and appointments. With a visitor’s health and intentions in mind, the team can use its many years of expertise to devise a unique path toward physical, mental, and spiritual wellness that might include yoga, Thai or hot stone massage, or life coaching.

Devon Casey

“When people are at peace with themselves, they have a natural desire for self-care, and care for those around them.”


Having completed her B.A. at Prescott College, with a major in Therapeutic Wilderness Experience, Devon went on to the Baltimore School of Massage, where she studied Massage Therapy and Holistic Bodywork. Devon has participated in alternative medicine for almost 20 years. Devon believes in taking care of one’s self through preventative healthcare and active education. Her success in various modalities led to her profession as an energy practitioner and massage therapist.

Her approach to healing and wellness includes influences from naturopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and yoga. Accompanying her personal experience is a knowledge of supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oil use, & the practice of food as medicine.

Throughout her life, Devon has worked with a wide range of people, including children born with addiction, women in transition, persons who were paralyzed, and youth-at-risk and their families, in outdoor and crisis shelter settings. In each of these experiences, her desire is always to find a way to assist people in connecting with themselves and experiencing peace.


Why do you do your work?
Being a part of positivity is self-fulfilling, and honoring a person’s growth towards a truer self is even more special. What I love about being in the healing profession is that people are happy to see me. They have made a choice to take time to do something for themselves that is beneficial and generally makes them feel good.

The results have been physical and emotional – I have seen and felt tissue melt under my hand and the body be filled with breath and ease. i have witnessed emotional releases and connections. People become committed to themselves and their healing.

What is your purpose with One Love Healing Center?

We started One Love because we believe in the power of self-healing. It begins with loving oneself, being your own witness in a space of non-judgement, and moving that energy of self love into universal love.

What makes me different or special is nothing more than I have found my purpose in life and I am living it. This is not a job to make money – it is a way of life to support my family and self. I believe if my children grow up seeing me doing what I believe in, then I have taught them something.

Tom Kirkham

Tom Kirkham healerBio

Tom has over 15 years of experience in Thai Massage and Holistic Bodywork, and his work is also informed by his 20 years of study in Yoga, Meditation, and Transpersonal Psychology. Tom brings a gentle focus to his work which combines strong hands, therapeutic touch, and focused presence, creating a synergy between breath and body. Tom will work with you to bring your intention for the session into focus, so that the session becomes deeply therapeutic.

Tom’s work has been influenced by his teachers including Stan Grof, Byron Metcalf, and Steven Teagarden. While studying Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Psychology, and Emergence Care, Tom became fascinated with what is called the inner healer, the ability of the human body, mind, and spirit, to heal themselves. In fact, this is a big part of what massage therapy is all about. Yes, mechanical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body is an important aspect of therapeutic massage that cannot be overlooked, but massage therapy connects you with your own body-mind-spirit’s ability to heal. The ability to help people to connect with and activate their own ability to heal – their “inner healer” – was what lead Tom to feel called to practice Massage Therapy along with other healing arts.


Why did you start the One Love Healing Center?
I co-founded this healing center with Devon because of our shared belief in people’s innate ability to heal, and because of my continued process of following a dream I had many years ago that I would start a healing center. I see this current healing center in many ways as the fruition of this vision because I will get to see the results of Massage Therapy , Emergence Care, Transpersonal Psychology, and other healing arts such as Network Spinal Analysis, which shares an office with us, when people are experiencing them together – as I had originally envisioned.

What makes you different, what makes what you do special?

I enjoy the sense of community I feel from working with individuals and facilitating workshops. I really find my payoff in that. Money is part of the flow of that energy, but dollars are not my main focus. What makes me and my business special is that I do not easily fit into categories. I follow heart, spirit, and soul, and value honesty.

What kind of results have you seen from people?

I have witnessed people in my care maintain vibrant physical health well into their late 80s and 90s. I have watched the countenance and body language of a person change over time as headaches became less severe and less frequent. I have witnessed people courageously face addictions and the struggles of the stages of addiction recovery. I have watched as individuals shifted their perspective from one that had led them to a stressful and defensive ultimately unhealthy lifestyle, to a path with heart and making more positive life choices. I have witnessed people using a team of alternative and western healthcare practitioners to bring about full recovery from daily chronic pain and illness. I have seen how creating a relaxation response can cause the body to reorganize around an entirely new and transforms person, free from illness and with a new mental clarity.

What do you love about being in the healing profession?

What I love about being in the healing profession is to witness the remarkable process of the body healing itself. I see myself as just a participant and witness in this process. I especially love witnessing individuals discover this truth in the present moment. Healing cannot take place without the individual.

I love being able to introduce people to their inner healer – the mysterious connection to the universe we all have which allows the body, mind, and spirit to heal themselves. Often times people are seeking some practitioner that can solve their problems, but to me it is a joy to introduce people to their own ability to change their structure, change their behavior, or view the things they look at from a different perspective. I believe that to see the power to heal our mind, body, and spirit, is empowering to the human species and also contributes to the healing of concerns. I think that on a deep level people know that a nurturing health care provider is the partner they need in activating their body’s own innate wisdom. This is why they are so happy to see us. People often feel good when they know they are doing something nurturing for themselves.