What is OneLoveHeals.Com?

What is OneLoveHeals.Com? The OneLoveHeals journey always involves inviting our practitioners and members into a way of finding an inner guidance, a wisdom within yourself that is Sourced from a “capital L” Love – that is to say, that part of us that is our truest...

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Finding Your Wellness Archetype

Finding your wellness archetype is a protocol offered by Tom Kirkham at One Love Healing Center. Tom has a master's degree in transpersonal psychology. He's also a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and emergence care practitioner. Your wellness archetype isn’t medical...

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Are longer massages better?

Well, it depends! Massage is a co-creative intuitive process involving both the client (in spirit) and the therapist. Some clients may want to begin with a shorter massage. Some people don’t want to be face down on the table for too long for certain reasons – for...

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