During this holiday season, from now until January 5th, Tom is offering free sessions of his unique soul based, heart centered, and transpersonal life coaching, known as soul emergence coaching. Tom designed this coaching format after 20 years of experience in transpersonal psychology and the healing arts. Click here to learn more about Soul Emergence Coaching, and to reach out for support this holiday season. 

Tom offers a unique form of life coaching known as soul emergence coaching. Soul emergence coaching is a transpersonal for of coaching meaning that it is supportive of your spiritual path and employs techniques that you may use to get to a deeper level of meaning in your life, one that is beyond the ego, beyond the personality, beyond the personal level of life, to a level that is concerned with your spiritual unfoldment and inclusive of your relationships, your work, and your environment.

The doorway to the soul is through the heart. The way to the heart is an expanded state of awareness called presence. In soul emergence coaching we focus on and honor what is real as we merge our lives more fully with this expanded state of awareness. As our soul, or truest essence and most real self,  is revealed to us we recognize elements of ourselves that were previously unconscious, and we learn to accept this process.