Well, it depends! Massage is a co-creative intuitive process involving both the client (in spirit) and the therapist. Some clients may want to begin with a shorter massage. Some people don’t want to be face down on the table for too long for certain reasons – for example being face down can cause the sinuses to become clogged. We can accommodate this need by doing much of the work with the client in the face up position, or by starting with a shorter session if desired. Give us a call, we’ll customize the session to you.

Longer is not always better. Sometimes a little, but more often, is better. Lymph drainage therapy, for instance, detoxes the body, so it may be better to have only 60-70 minutes, combined with some Swedish massage. This will help to not overload the body by releasing too many toxins at once. So you see, right there is some nuance to the answer of this question, and it may not always be beneficial to every client to sign up for a longer session. Or, if it’s your first massage, you may want to start at 60 min and then build on that.On the other hand, if you have sore muscles, a 90 minute massage is ideal for many clients, to give each muscle group adequate attention. The back, legs, and arms alone can take 60 minutes, depending on the body. With a 90 minute massage, complete relaxation is more possible, & the therapist can better use proven techniques, i.e. removing a muscle knot, without causing discomfort, and it leave time for “integration.”In a longer session, the therapist can go slower, & do more stretching and “contact holds” (these often happen when changing between body parts). This gives the client a moment to relax and “integrate” the changes that have just happened into the body-mind. Integration allows for deeper relaxation, and also lets the therapist maintain energy, which is important for the quality of the session. Also, it allows for people to take their time getting on or off the table without reducing their massage to less than one hour. People with certain injuries will need this time. The 2 hour massages we offer are even more complete – giving the client time to relax more deeply and fully.

Massage Plus: combine massage types for the ultimate experience.

At One Love, we combine different types (modalities) of massage – what we practice is really “massage plus”. So a longer massage time might get you the benefit of a full Swedish & Deep Tissue massage, plus half an hour of cranial sacral work. So, if you need only 50 minutes of a certain type of work then it may be appropriate to do energy work or cranial-sacral for the rest of the time.

In summary, longer is not always better – we treat each massage as a complete and holistic experience. It’s the One Love Difference. Give us a call for a free consultation on the best massage for your specific needs.

Your friendly local massage therapist,
Devon Colleen Casey LMT, CMLDT