Tom Kirkham healer

Finding your wellness archetype is a protocol offered by Tom Kirkham at One Love Healing Center. Tom has a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology. He’s also a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and emergence care practitioner.

Your wellness archetype isn’t medical advice. It’s an innate wisdom that you can learn to know within yourself. A wellness archetype is a primordial imprint held deep within your unconscious mind, a blueprint that you can extract from your imagination using the mind’s eye. It is the template within you that tells you what your life would have to be like in order for you to feel as well as you possibly can. More details to follow, but let’s answer another important question…

Why do you need the wellness archetype?

There are many different diets, healing protocols, and philosophies on mental, physical, and spiritual health, and they conflict with one another. Your wellness archetype helps you access a deep inner wisdom that will help you to decide what fits you best.

What is wellness?

Wellness is a term that means different things to different people at different times. We all have a basic desire to feel good. Wellness is a state of moving toward the good within in us. Even in the process of dying, wellness is something that is desirable and achievable.

We want to feel good physically. We want the body to be as free from pain as possible. We want the body to be able to function as optimally as possible for the stage of life we are in, and we want to be as free from discomfort as possible.

We want to feel good emotionally and mentally. We want to feel good about who we are. We want to feel that life has meaning and is worth living. We want to feel the love in our hearts. We want to be able to experience forgiveness. We want to feel safe. We want to feel free to experience a wide range of emotions. We want to feel joy.

We want to feel good spiritually. We want to get beyond ourselves. We want to feel connected. We want to be free from suffering. This means learning to accept what is in each moment, rather than resisting it. Many of us have learned habits that prevent us from acceptance of what is. We can unlearn them. No matter how good you feel now, it is possible to feel much better. We must start from where we are. Acceptance is key. Resistance to pain is suffering.

So what is wellness? Wellness is the ability to be moving toward or oriented in the direction of, all the good within you. It is the ability to know that it is possible to feel a lot better than you do right now. It’s a knowledge and experience of moving toward greater and greater wholeness in all the different stages of our lives.

What is an archetype?

An archetype is a basic idea, a primordial, imprint, or an ancient template. Where do you find the wellness archetype? You find it inside yourself, and everywhere. Archetypes are part of our collective experience, but you are born with specific archetypes imprinted upon yourself. These specific archetypes, these primordial imprints that have been with you since birth, help to make up your personality and how you face both the joys and challenges of this lifetime.

So, your wellness archetype is that basic imprint, that ancient template, within you, that gives you the exact formula for what you would need to do in order to be moving toward, oriented in the direction of, feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

How do I find my wellness archetype?

You will find your wellness archetype within your unconscious mind. Carl Jung wrote that until we make what is in our unconscious conscious, it controls us. In order to make conscious contact with our wellness archetype, we must make the unconscious conscious.

Your wellness archetype already influences your life. There are a number of healing arts and practices that can bring your wellness archetype more fully into consciousness, more fully into you’re the forefront of your life.

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